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What to Do About Installing Bird Spikes


Bird spikes are used in many spots to keep birds from roosting and perching on spots that they are not welcome in. You might notice them along large commercial buildings, industrial sites and even mass transit stations. Such spikes keep pigeons and others from leaving droppings, feathers and even bird lice.

But how are bird spikes supposed to be installed? They can be mounted and bolted onto many surfaces but you have to look at what you are adding to get an idea of how well such spikes might work for you.

How Wide Are the Spike Strips?

Length is important as you need enough room for your spikes to work. But length is not the only thing to consider when getting spikes. You must also look at how wide the spike strips are.

A great spike strip should be around five to eight inches wide. This is enough to let it hang on a ledge or other slim surface while still being narrow enough to keep pests from being stuck in a spot.

Do check on how large the pigeons or other birds you are trying to clear out are before adding such strips. Wider materials might be needed if the birds are too large.

How Dense Are the Spikes?

The spikes should be spaced out enough to where there are no large spots for birds to try and perch on. Such bird control spikes should be around an inch or two apart from one another. This offers enough room to where it is hard for birds to actually perch on a space.

Where Will You Install It?

Such spikes should also be installed in a spot where they are bound to be more effective. For instance, spikes may be applied around a bench or seating area or near the entrance to a property. Think about where people are more likely to be found at and add the spikes around that area. Any other spot could work too but try and focus on where people are more likely to be found in if only to keep the threat of bird lice being stuck in one’s hair from being a concern.

Be certain when finding great bird spikes that you look at how they are designed. These must be installed properly and in a space where it will be more effective.