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What Goes Into a Termite Inspection Report?


The North Shore region is a spot that termites can be easily found in. A timber pest inspection is required around your property if you suspect that termites are in your space. A proper termite inspection report can be prepared to analyse what is happening in your property so you can understand what treatments need to be applied.

Proper Drawings

A termite inspection to common areas should include diagrams or drawings of individual spots around your home. These should include markings of any termite activities that were found. Reports on potential damages and where termite nests may be found should be applied in the review to give you an idea of how intense the treatment process should be.

A Termatrac inspection may figure out how sensitive infestations might be without having to open any walls. The readouts from an inspection will have to be noted and marked on your inspection report.

Notes on Construction

A termite inspection report must also include details on the overall construction within your home. This includes a review of the basement, foundation, slab and other spots around your home. This is to get an idea of what types of treatment options might be suitable for your specific home.

What Risks Might Be Present?

Some risks could be prominent around your home. These include threats like moisture issues around you home, heating systems that are in the way of a spot or water fixtures. A report should include details on what items are in a space as a means of understanding what treatment options might work the best in that area.

Review the Cost

The termite inspection cost should be covered in the report. This should include details on the cost of reviewing your home and any materials that would be used in the treatment process. Such a review helps you to understand what you would have to spend. This can especially work if you are trying to get multiple quotes or opinions from people who want to fix up your home and clear out its termites.

Have a proper timber pest inspection service work for you as soon as possible. This is to get a report that helps you understand where termites might be in your home and what should be done to keep them out of a space.