If you find weevils in your kitchen cupboards you need to contact us in order to kill them as well as their eggs to prevent re-infestation.



Weevils are pests of stored grain and seeds. They develop inside whole grain kernels as small, white, wrinkled, grub-like larvae. Adult weevils are approx. 10mm long with a ‘moth-like’ appearance. They are brown to reddish brown in colour.

Life Cycles

The larvae will eat and grow inside the seed, becoming visible until after about one month when the adult weevil chews through the seed coat and emerges.


Weevils are commonly found inside the pantry cupboards where food is stored. The infestation may originate from food seeds or beans in the cupboards, garden seeds, popcorn, cereals, corn, maize wheat, barley, rice, etc.

Infestation may occur when larvae are present in items purchased from the store, or when access is gained into the cupboard by an adult weevil. This leads to further infestation, spreading to other food products. Adults can chew through plastic and paper wrappers and decimate stock on shelves or in stores at homes, shops and warehouses.

Treatment and Control

The first step to eliminating this pest is locating and removing any infested food products before thoroughly cleaning the area. This will stop it spreading to other areas.

Our technicians will fumigate the area, killing any the adults and larvae that are left behind. The treatment used will reach areas difficult to reach, such as cracks and corners.

It is advised that opened food items such as cereal boxes and flour be kept in air tight containers so as to help prevent future infestation.




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