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Understanding Brown-Banded Cockroaches and How to Clear Them Out of Your Property


Brown-banded cockroaches are among the more disruptive and difficult pests for you to clear out of your home. These are especially problematic as they are smaller than most other cockroaches.

Key Points About These Cockroaches

Cockroaches like these are around 10 to 15 mm long in most cases. Their light brown bodies also make them hard to spot in some instances.

These can also be found in many humid environments. They persist well in conditions of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, temperatures which also happen to be what most homes set their air conditioning units to.

Brown-banded cockroaches are extremely dangerous and disruptive to any home. You must have a proper cockroach control plan on hand to clear these pests out.

Look In the Right Spots

A cockroach pest control plan should start by looking into the right spots where these pests could be found in. Check around ceilings or your attic to see if they are out there. Look around your appliances too as cockroaches might thrive near their motors.

Watch for any droppings or egg casings around your home. These are often left near spots where a cockroach nest or colony is located.

How Are They Cleaned Out?

A cockroach exterminator will clear out cockroaches by getting rid of old food sources that might be lying around a home and by sealing off windows and plugging cracks around your foundation, attic or other spaces in your home. After this, it becomes easier for the cockroach control process to work as proper food sources or points of access for such pests are cleared.

Proper pesticides are then used. Bug spray companies make numerous industrial strength formulas for control teams to use with some of them being designed within brown-banded cockroaches in mind. Such items have to be applied around baseboards, windows and other problematic surfaces. Baits and gels might be needed in attics or other tight spots as it is often easy to lure pests out in those areas or to use something that can easily spread around an entire spot.

Ask a cockroach pest control team to see what it can do when clearing out brown-banded roaches from your property. A plan to exterminate roaches must entail not only cleaning out pests but also keeping them from getting in.