We are certified to remove and relocate possums but as part of our special possum removal service we will also block the entrance of possums to your roof cavity.



  • Possums is a medium sized marsupial species that is found in Australia.
  • They are about the same size and weight as a domestic cat.
  • Possums like to live in bush-lands and rain forests where they live in hollow trees and logs.
  • They are nocturnal animals and therefore they only venture out to forage and hunt for food in the night time.
  • Possums are omnivorous animals, which means they will eat almost anything they can find including insects, leaves, flowers, fruits and even other small animals, birds and reptiles.


Possums naturally live in cavities of trees. They shelter there during the day, and emerge to feed & explore at night. Possums enter roof voids when their natural nesting sites have been removed, mainly through broken tiles, damaged eaves & displaced ridge capping.

When in the roof they make noises at night, urinate & defecate on ceiling plaster, causing stains and odours. Chimneys are also favoured sheltering places.


Possums are protected animals and thus we are not permitted to harm or kill them. The following procedures are followed when dealing with possums:

  1. We send technicians to investigate the noise in the roof, which may well be caused by roof rats, birds or other animals.
  2. Once it is established that possums are dwelling in the roof, our technicians set cages for the animal.
  3. Cages are checked on a daily basis until the possum is caught. Our technicians then release the possum back into the wild, taking special care not to harm or stress the animal in the process.
  4. Once it has been established that there are no more possums in the roof, our technicians seal all the entry points.

We would be delighted to offer you any of the above services, or assist with identifying and exterminating any other pests not listed on our website.

Please feel free to contact us regarding your requirements, and we can tailor a specific treatment schedule for your business.