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Key Points For a Possum Catch and Release Process To Notice


Possums are among the largest pests you might find in any part of the Sydney area. They can burrow through your home, damage its insulation and even leave droppings. A possum catch and release service will help you with clearing these large pests out before they can harm your home or put the health of anyone inside at risk.

What Kind of Trap Works?

The best pest control solution for clearing out possums is to use a proper trap. A cage that is around 32 inches in length and 12 inches wide should be good enough. This offers enough space for the possum to get into.

How Is the Trap Secured?

The process for securing a trap should be the second part of this pest control management solution to use. The trap should include foods that the possum will look for. Bread is always useful as possums often feed off of it but other animals are not as likely to.

After the bread is prepared and added into the trap, a proper trigger mechanism should be placed on the floor. The trigger will close up the trap when the possum steps into it.

The trap should be checked regularly. This is to see that a possum is actually being caught and that no other animal accidentally gets into it.

Moving It Out

The possum must then be moved out of your property. The cage should be taken far off from your home for the best results. Placing the possum out in the wild always helps although it should be added into a forested area or other spot that is far from other properties. This residential pest control solution must be completed without putting other homes at risk.

Getting a possum out of your property does not have to be overly hard to do. Make sure you get a proper trap ready for your possum catch and release plans so it will be cleared off of your property without outside problems getting in the way.