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How Does the HomeGuard Installation Process Work To Protect Your Home?


The HomeGuard system has been heralded as being one of the best termite control options that can work in your home. HomeGuard termite barriers work within your home’s foundation to produce a strong physical covering that keeps termites from being as likely to get inside. It especially keeps subterranean termites from getting into your property as it goes around the base.

The HomeGuard installation process should work as your property is being built. It is intended to work inside your foundation and will appear right around the spot where the foundation comes out of the ground.

What It Is Made Of

The HomeGuard termite control material works as a sturdy physical compound that goes over the foundation. It typically works as a liner or slab. It is flexible as the liner can be cut and sealed off. It may also go into the perimeter wall cavity.

The HomeGuard compound is lined up around the outside part of your home to stay protected. It also contains Biflex, a termiticide that has been proven to work for a variety of termite control plans. This lasts for years on end as Biflex does not break down very easily.

A Flexible Option

This pre-slab treatment option works quickly to create a strong layout. The treatment works as it creates a secure space around the property to ensure that termites will not get into the foundation. This quickly works to protect your property.

May Also Handle Moisture

The barrier could also keep moisture from getting into your foundation. The physical barrier prepared by the HomeGuard material adds an extra amount of support to keep your foundation secure without risking problems like rain sneaking into the foundation and being at risk of harm.

Make sure you look at how a HomeGuard installation plan will assist you in getting the most out of your home. Be certain that you get your compound applied during the construction process so the risk of termites moving into your property will be minimal.