Fleas can spread very fast to all parts of your home. You need to stop them before it’s too late.

Most home owners have dogs or cats as pets.

Time to time pets can get fleas, especially if they are indoors for long periods of time. This means the fleas can spread to all parts of the home.

To carry out a Flea Treatment the following steps are carried out:

  1. Ask customer if the pets have been treated already for flees.
    (If not we advise them to get their pet treated first before the treatment is carried out).
  2. The roof void is dusted using the electrical blower to get maximum coverage.
  3. All internal areas of the flooring are sprayed where possible, whether it be carpet, wood flooring or tiles.
  4. If applicable subfloor area is dusted as well.
  5. All external areas of the property are sprayed including all lawn areas, garden beds and footpaths.

Before any of the above is done the Technician will recommend to the customer that they need to vacate the property until all the treated areas have dried depending on the weather. It could be between 2-6 hours.