Protecting Your Family’s Health and Sydney Home from Bed Bugs

These tiny pests are nothing, but a headache for those who have suffered from their infestation. Bed bugs don’t only feed on people, they also feed on animals when they’re asleep– that’s how they got their name, “bed bugs.” These insects hide in areas where people usually sleep (the bedroom), inside the mattress seams, behind wallpapers, or any forms of clutter inside the room. Aside from being very unpleasant and itchy, bug bites can also cause infections, that it really turns into a nuisance that must be eliminated.

What Are Bed Bugs?

These are reddish brown insects that are around 7mm big, but can also be smaller than that. Unlike other types of bugs, bed bugs don’t have wings, but are great crawlers. These pests can live for several months after feeding from the host– making it more challenging to get rid of them. They also have the ability of traveling around 30 meters and they often hide themselves where there are a lot of people, such as hotels and apartments.

Although they have been a problem in most developing countries, they’re also an issue in Sydney, Australia. The reason behind is the fact that it’s an area for tourists who travel and move from one location to another.

A bed bug problem can easily be spotted the moment someone has experienced the bites. There are other signs, such as blood stains on pillow cases and sheets, musty odor, and rusty spots– evidence of their droppings. If you have come into conclusion that your house is infested with it, you should take the precautionary measures as soon as possible. Kevin Joyce Pest Management will be available for that and we’ll do everything and anything to protect your place.

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Health Problems Brought by Bed Bugs

Bed bug bites can be a real problem for a lot of homeowners. Just think about it– the idea of having these creatures invade your privacy while you sleep is truly disturbing. Although bed bugs don’t carry life-threatening diseases, their bites are really itchy and if left unattended, it could lead to serious infections.

Aside from that, some people also suffer from allergic reactions brought by these insects. These reactions shouldn’t be taken for granted, because it needs immediate medical attention. Those who were bitten by bedbugs can also experience swelling and redness. After several days of being bitten by these parasites, the bite marks have the tendency of turning into welts.

Friendly Tips on How to Remove Bedbugs

Although bedbug bites can be treated using ointments, the key is to get rid of the cause permanently. One of the ways to make this happen is through the use of insecticides. Likewise, professional exterminators, like us, have years of experience with bedbugs and you can just contact us instead.
The bedding should be washed thoroughly and dried on high heat after half an hour or so. The hiding places where the bedbugs stay should also be treated.

Though, before using any insecticides on these areas, vacuum it first and don’t forget to seal the throw away the vacuum bag once you’re done.

Those who travel a lot also have a greater risk of becoming infected by bedbugs. Those who stay in infested hotels have the risk of bringing these parasites home. Our pest control service could protect you and your family from these.

How to Get Rid of Bedbugs the Right way – A Guide on How to Eliminate Them Completely

A lot of people are probably wondering on how they can get rid of these pests permanently. Bedbugs are tiny parasites that invade homes without the owners even knowing it because of their minuscule size.

In fact, even five-star hotels also suffer from this problem and there’s no guarantee that the place you’re staying is bedbug-free. These pesky night crawlers have the ability of piercing the skin and sucking human blood just like tiny vampires.

Trying to eliminate them is not an easy task as well, and it requires some patience and determination. In case that you’re not able to get rid of the problem, rest assured that there’s still hope. Call Kevin Joyce Pest Management and we’ll solve the issue professionally.
One of the most popular ways on how a lot of homeowners get rid of bedbugs is through the use of insecticides. The question is, are you even aware that there are two types of insecticides? These are the chemical and biological insecticides.

Bed bugs Insecticides: What You Need to Know

If you’re looking for the fastest way on how to kill bedbugs, then chemical insecticides will be ideal for you. Though, they usually cost more than the biological insecticides and they also contain a lot of toxic materials that can be dangerous to one’s health. With that, the use of chemical insecticides isn’t really an advisable way to get rid of these nasty little critters– this holds true, especially if you have children and pets around the house. A great alternative for this is to call a professional bug exterminator, such as Kevin Joyce Pest Management, instead. These trained specialists know what has to be done in order to eliminate the problem in the safest way possible.

Kevin Joyce Pest Management is known for providing fast, simple, and very affordable pest control solutions within Sydney, Australia for both commercial and residential properties. Our goal is to lift up your burden, stress, worries, and lessen the chances of spending for multiple treatments. We’ll resolve the problem the first time we work on it– that’s a guarantee!

Biological Insecticides

What are biological insecticides? These are the living organisms that have the ability of killing insects, such as bedbugs. This method is considered to be safer and a lot easier to use as compared to chemical insecticides. However, unlike the latter, they may not be as effective. The good thing about biological insecticides is the fact that they don’t contain any toxic materials. That’s why, you don’t have to worry about your family’s health nor the environment while using this. If you’re uncertain about your abilities on how to eliminate bedbugs, you should just consider calling the professionals for help.

Kevin Joyce Pest Management will help you get rid of these nasty little critters in a short amount of time, without causing any troubles at all. Our company specializes in the use of child and pet-friendly pest control solutions that we eliminate the problem effectively without putting your family’s health condition at risk. We believe that being infested with bedbugs is already a problem, that’s why our aim is to provide a stress-free solution and let you relax as we handle everything ourselves.

In case that you have tried all the basic steps in regard to getting rid of these insects and none of these methods work, then contact Kevin Joyce Pest Management today. We’re a team of licensed specialists that are also members of the Australian Environment Pest Manager’s Association. Every service we offer is affordable, and we’ll even give you the advice you need once you give us a call.

Other Options You Can Try

If it seems like the use of insecticides doesn’t really solve the problem, then the best possible way is to use specific treatments that are generally made for this kind of task. We only use environment friendly pest control solutions that can instantly eliminate the bedbugs lying around the house.

For us, this kind of task is very easy to handle because we have been doing this for several years and we have the necessary equipment and training to solve the issue.

How We Do It

First, we apply a light mist to the entire mattress, as well as the bed frames. Then, we also spray the same solution at the bottom of the mattresses, buttons, and tears.

No doubt, bedbugs are very dangerous pests that you need to avoid– not only are they irritating, they’ll also negatively affect your health. That’s why, the moment you see these creatures, it’s highly recommended to take care of the problem right away. Start by vacuuming your home as often as possible and keep everything clean.

Though, if you don’t have the ability to do everything alone, and it seems like the problem is getting worse, then you should just contact a professional bedbug exterminator instead. Our company has serviced a number of hotels, hospitals, and countless of residential homes that were once infested by these nasty parasites.

Don’t let this infestation take over you! Give us a call, and we’ll solve the problem right away!