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  • Ants have three clearly defined body segments: head, thorax and abdomen.
  • The reproductive male and female are winged.
  • Ants are social insects and live in permanent nests, mostly located in soil, wood and among rocks.

Sydney Ant Pest Treatments

Are you getting stressed out every time you see the army of ants crawling inside your house, eating scraps of food, even when your guests are around? That’s definitely embarrassing, right? This can give you a negative impression to your visitors and that’s something you don’t really want to happen. Ants are usually a headache, especially during autumn, because this is the type of year where they need to gather as much food and water to keep themselves prepared for the upcoming drought. These creatures have nowhere else to go than your home– where there’s plenty of food out there. Likewise, ants gather water to keep their nests moisturized, especially during drought. Fortunately, there are a number of ways on how you can keep these little creatures away from home.


Although ants commonly have permanent nests, it is not uncommon for a change of nest location in times of adverse conditions.

Once a food source has been established, worker ants will leave the nest and travel in well-defined trails. The trails are usually marked by ‘scent trails’ in the form of trail-marking pheromone secretions. Other methods include reference to landmarks, orientation with respect to light, communication, smell (trail-marking), taste (food exchange by regurgitation), hearing (tapping & stridulation), touch (antennal stroking), or sight (in ants with well developed eyes).

In their feeding habits ants tend to be scavengers or predators. Several species of ants are omnivorous, consuming a wide variety of plant and animal products.

Ant Pest Control

When it comes to eliminating ants, the first thing you ought to do is locate their colony. Ants build their nests pretty much everywhere, but they prefer places where they can easily access food and water sources. One of the most common places where ants build their nest is the dryer vent. Since it’s located outside the house and near the kitchen, this gives them an entry point to fresh food and water. So, it’s ideal to check this area and see if you can catch any of these pests. Other places that are probably infested by ants include the ends of the porches near the front and back doors. Aside from that, you should also check the flowerbeds, as well as the yard.

Effective Tips to Control Sydney Ants

After identifying the spots where they usually gather, the next step would be taking the necessary steps to eliminate or keep them at bay. There’s a lot of organic pest control products available in the market and these could effectively kill the ants. Though, most of the time, these pesticides are just a hit or miss. What does this imply? The moment the mound starts to die in one place, the colony will just transfer to another spot and start building their new nest.

In order to completely eradicate a mound, it’s important to kill the queen. For this, you can try mixing coffee grinds and baking soda. This natural remedy is proven to be effective. Also, if you’d rather use organic products, this is completely acceptable, but most of these are usually expensive that it’s also impractical.

You could also consider hiring a professional pest controller. These people know what actions to take in order to get rid of these pests permanently.

Preventive Measures

When it seems like the organic routes don’t work the way you expected, you can consider the use of low-impact chemical products to kill the queen ant. These products usually work for 3-6 months, depending on the ingredients and brand. Also, the ingredients work, not only for ants, but for other pests as well. It works in a way where it leaches into the soil and kills the queen.

To ensure its efficiency, read the instructions and follow it closely. Be careful when using these products, because a slight miscalculation can potentially intoxicate the whole yard. Additionally, don’t put too much of this in the soil, because it could be harmful to plants and other animals.

If you’re worried about the risks of using this product, we highly recommend that you call an exterminator instead.

Where to Get Help

We, at Kevin Joyce Pest Management, have serviced hundreds of homes for several years and has successfully solved their ant problems. We know the best solutions to use, giving you the guarantee that there wouldn’t be a need for repeat visits.

Our pest control professionals utilize both spray and spread. Also, we use products that can really solve the problem in just a matter of hours, but these products are only available to licensed pest controls.

That said, if you ever get interested in trying our service, you can feel confident knowing that we only use the best products available in the market. These products have helped us achieve a close to 100% success rate, that our customers have been referring us to their friends and family who are experiencing the same problem.

People all over the world suffer from these pests, especially those who live in Sydney. That’s why we believe that the best approach to put an end to this problem is to hire a professional pest controller. Our company will bring you the desired results at a very affordable cost. Be ready to say goodbye to these pests!

A Guide on How to Effectively Get Rid of Ants

Pest Control Guide on How to Eliminate the Ants at Home

Nothing is more frustrating than being visited by someone whom you hate most! Before you jump in to conclusions, allow us to clarify something– what we’re talking about is the army of ants infesting one’s home. Although most types of ants aren’t really harmless at all, some species bite and some could even damage your belongings and property. For instance, the common black ants– better known as sugar ants, aren’t that destructive and considered to be relatively harmless. On the other hand, the carpenter ants are different. Believe it or not, they could damage a structural building just like how termites do.

Though, it doesn’t really matter what type of ants is invading your property; you still need to look for ways on how to get rid of them effectively and we’re here to help.

We, at Kevin Joyce Pest Management, have been in the business for several years and we have a reputation of providing fast, affordable and simple pest control solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Unlike other pest control services, our goal is to make everything easier and more convenient for our customers. They don’t have to worry about multiple treatments at all. We’ll solve the problem the first time we work on it.

What Should Be Done When the Ants Invade Your Home

The moment you discovered that ants are invading your place, then the initial step would be to figure out what type of ants you’re currently dealing with. If you can, try to locate their nesting place as well. If you’re dealing with black ants, no need to panic– these ants don’t destroy wooden structures. All you have to do is find the exact location of their nest and come up with a plan on how you’re going to eradicate them.

One of the best ways to easily find their nest is by following the scouting ants. Scouting ants are the lone rangers sent by the colony to gather food and other stuff that will be useful for them. See where these little fellows go and what they do. Perhaps, you can also try throwing a few small crumbs so they’ll have a reason to go back to the camp. After discovering the location of their nest, then it’s now time to employ some bait traps that can help you eliminate these pests.

Decide What Method to Use

After discovering their kingdom, you should determine what methods you’re going to use. The most popular one is using liquid baits or gel. Set this up around the perimeter of your home and wait for the ants to come out. They’ll feed on these baits and would take some for their colony so the rest of the ants can eat as well.

The main target should be the Queen Ant. She’s responsible for making hundreds of ants and killing her will put a stop to the growth of their colony. Once the Queen Ant is dead, the rest of the ants will eventually die as well.

Oftentimes, the queen’s throne is deep down within the colony. It’s quite easy to spot her, because Queen Ants are bigger than other ants. If you come across the Queen ant, don’t think twice, but kill her right away.

After following the basics, and nothing else seems to work, then it’s advisable to contact our pest control management today. We’re equipped with certified and licensed specialists who are also members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association.

Need More Help?

Even when you have successfully killed all the ants invading your home, there are still several ants who will be interested in visiting your home later on. This is the main reason why it’s important to check the perimeter of the home and try to discover the places where ants can get in. Also, it’s better if you can seal up the cracks to ensure that they wouldn’t have any way to enter your house.

You don’t want a second colony after completely eliminating the first one.

Lastly, if you’re still stressed about the infestation and you find it impossible to solve the problem yourself, don’t hesitate to call our hotline and we’ll be more than pleased to assist you.


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